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Events Calender

Curious what the differences in our events are?

FACEBOOK LIVE SALES - EVERY TWO WEEKS.  When you can't shop right at the farm, the next best thing is a live sale.  During our live sales we launch new products, feature best sellers that often sell out, and even bring in unique finds from makers around the world.  Everything is true to the natural farm style that we relish so dearly.  We also offer discounts and good deals that can't be found elsewhere.  Within this category, we have two types of sales.  Live Online, which consists of Pre Sale, the Live Online Sale, and Post Sale.  Product Posts Only Online. 


Facebook Live Online- The Pre Sale starts the week prior to the actual sale, posting products on FB daily, then on the Monday or Tuesday evening of the following week, we'll see you at the Live Online sale for more specials, the Post Sale starts at the end of the Live Online sale, concludes the next morning, and features whatever is remaining from the Pre-Sale and Live Online Sale.   

Facebook Products Only Online Posts- The Product Posts Only Sale also starts the week before and ends the following Monday evening.  During this time, new products and specially priced shop favorites are featured daily.  

SHOP THE ONLINE STORE SALES- EVERY TWO WEEKS. The online store sale is run exclusively through our website.  This type of sale features a variety of offers, i.e. free shipping, special pricing, and other creative ideas that we come up with!  These sales run in between the Facebook Live Sales.  


SHOP OPEN - We are so excited to now have days where we open to the public for in person shopping!  Come and enjoy the shop aroma, where we make all of your favorite products.

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