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A Story of Fresh Air


Women-owned and operated

My name is, Polly J. Huenink-Schellinger and I am a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Reflexologist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Parish Nurse, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Facilitator.  My main focus is wellness with an emphasis on physical, emotional and spiritual health.  I practice holistic nursing specializing in private sessions for reflexology, therapeutic touch and aromatherapy consults and am the Parish Nurse at David's Star Lutheran Church. There is a little Farm Store here which is called, The Healing Place Farm.  We have been on this homestead as a family for 20 years. 
​It is a source of joy, inspiration and contentment for me.  

There is always something going on at The Healing Place Farm.  The Farm offers a multitude of classes teaching the learner to be self-sufficient and to truly consider the effects of products utilized within the home.  Watch for listings of 2022 classes!   Essential oils are the mainstay of The Healing Place Farm.  Numerous items are crafted here on the farm and include sundries such as fresh soaps, lotion bars, calendula balm, trauma oil, itch sticks, aromatherapy inhalers,  a men's line, body love (I might say hippie) essentials and now boxed or bagged sets. The contents of each bag specifically complement each other.  The soaps made here are created with goat's milk sourced here on the farm.  I  love supporting local business. ​

Currently I am also enjoying teaching a variety of students at Carroll University a piece about culture.  Holism.  This course is an opportunity for them to look outside of the textbook, lecture and analytical data and instead to modalities that help people differently.  Delving into the mind, body and spirit connection brings to light opportunities for complimentary therapies.  Health. During these courses the students employ a practical hands on approach.  Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy and Meditation are experienced firsthand by the student.  The class is interactive and educational.  Since 76% of our society is using complimentary medicine it seems logical that any student interested in a health related field be educated on holism. 

Simple refers to our belief that if we live simply, cleanly and with products made from pure sources we are healthier, happier and more able to be present.  In a world that seems to command a constant rush “simple” brings us back to basics, back to our homeostasis.  Every product created on the Farm resonates with natural and has an earthly goodness. The Farm is working hard to be as self sufficient as it can and sharing it with you is a blessing and mission. 

We continue to give thanks to God for His inspiration.  

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