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Green Forest


We serve because we believe we are called to serve. The Healing Place Farm has been "missioning" since 2005.

We never ask our patrons for donations, but instead utilize monies from purchases made in our shop to support missions. 

We are grateful to be able to partner with our patrons. In 2023, we served 100s of individuals and organizations.  Since opening, we have been able to answer the call for over 3000 missions. 

2024 Missions


Provided comforting products to a person with breast cancer.

Provided comforting products to a person with brain cancer.

Provided comforting products to a person with kidney cancer.

Young soul fighting cancer provided products.

Person with a serious health complication needing surgery provided products. 

Woman with a profound loss was sent products of comfort. 

Service dog donation. 


Honor Flight gala product donation. 

Provided products to a person suffering from the loss of a parent.

Products given to a person suffering from the loss of a spouse. 

A person suffering with childhood grief was given comforting products.  

Provided products to a person struggling with depression. 

A person with a chronic condition was given personal products. 

Product donation for a fundraiser in support of a local family. 


Monetary donation to Mission Barista.

Uganda folks sent lip balms for parched lips. 

Woman with cancer sent soothing products and prayer shawl.

Products sent to person with serious medical issue. 

Products sent to person with medical distress. 


Single mom with two children with special needs provided products. 

Elderly person provided products for self-care.

Terminally ill person provided products for comfort. 

Comforting products given to a family who received a difficult diagnosis. 

Raffle donation of products provided to Raise and Relish, Inc, increasing the sustainability of local     farms and food businesses in SE Wisconsin so that they can procure healthy food and distribute to   underserved people.  

Three individuals with serious surgeries and health conditions were provided comforting products.

A young person with a serious health condition was provided products of care. 

A person with a terminal diagnosis was given products. 

Elderly chickens and a rooster were adopted on the farm after their human mama passed away.  

Raffle donation to the American Legion of Bark Lake. 

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