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We serve because we believe we are called to serve. The Healing Place Farm has been "missioning" since 2005.

We never ask our patrons for donations but instead utilize monies from purchases made in our shop to support missions. 

We are grateful to be able to partner with our patrons. Since opening, we have been able to answer the call for over 1000 missions. 

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Widows and Women of Tanzania 

We have provided support for the women and widows of Tanzania to give them cooking supplies and medical care. We love to send along products from the shop. Our favorite so far was introducing them to lip balm!

Some additional missions we have gratefully supported:

Soles for Jesus

Midwest Horse Welfare

St. Marcus School


Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter 

Humane Animal Welfare Society

Waukesha North High School

Racine Lutheran High School


Winston's Wishes

Waukesha County Law Enforcement

Waukesha County Fire Department

Waukesha Memorial Hospital

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Aurora Summit Hospital

American Cancer Society

Alzheimer's Association

Dancing Grannies

Waukesha Xtreme Dancers

Individual Missions "Pop Ups" 100's/Year

Safe Families

Mission Barista

Hamilton High School

Little Britches

Hoover's Haus

Elmbrook Humane Society

Leiomyosarcoma Research

Operation Help (Bob's Under the Bridge)

The Waukesha South Band Cookie Walk

Two women with recurrent cancer.

Hike it Baby

A young family with a sudden unexpected death of one of the parents.

A very young mother with a diagnosis of cancer.

CareNet Pregnancy Center for Babies and Mothers

A young mother with dire conditions for living after a diagnosis of cancer.

A family that is destitute.  

A woman diagnosed with cancer this week.

Two women, the same tumor, wreaking havoc in their bodies.

The list is endless.  Last year we supported more than 200o people through your purchases.  

New Horizon's Shelter and Outreach Center

Domestic Abuse Dane County

Leiomyosarcoma Bus

Tricia's Troops

Mission Barista

Safe Families for Children

100's of Private Individuals

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