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We serve because we believe we are called to serve. The Healing Place Farm has been "missioning" since 2005.

We never ask our patrons for donations but instead utilize monies from purchases made in our shop to support missions. 

We are grateful to be able to partner with our patrons. Since opening, we have been able to answer the call for over 1000 missions. 

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Widows and Women of Tanzania 

We have provided support for the women and widows of Tanzania to give them cooking supplies and medical care. We love to send along products from the shop. Our favorite so far was introducing them to lip balm!

Some additional missions we have gratefully supported:

Soles for Jesus

Midwest Horse Welfare

St. Marcus School


Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter 

Humane Animal Welfare Society

Waukesha North High School

Racine Lutheran High School


The list is endless.  Last year we supported more than 200o people through your purchases.  

January 2023

New Beginnings (A home for mothers) was sent a product donation from the Shop to help mamas that need a little extra assistance with their babies or pregnancies.


A person that lost multiple souls in her life was provided grief products to assist with their grieving process.


A family that lost a young individual overseas in traumatic circumstances was sent products for comfort.


A young family was sent support during difficult times.


Missionaries in Kenya and Uganda were offered loving care products.


Hamilton School District and St. Gabriel’s School were provided gift boxes for their annual fundraisers.


A young person with a serious injury which confined them to bed was provided products for comfort.


A new winter coat was provided for someone that didn’t have one.  The children had coats but they did not.


A young parent and family were sent a box of loving care after the death of the parent/spouse. 


A donation was made to an organization helping victims of sexual abuse.


Merton Fire Department Auxiliary was given a box to assist with their fundraising.


Two boxes of love were donated to a local organization that donates $50,000 back into our community for two fundraisers they hold.


A young soul with cancer was sent a box of aromatherapy to ease the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis.


Ignite the Spirit Firefighter group that helps the families of firefighters was sent a donation from the Shop.

Another young soul with debilitating cancer was sent a box of aromatherapy for comfort.


An individual struggling with extreme depression/anxiety was sent a prayer shawl and products for anxiety relief.


A person that has a life ending illness was sent a box of kind products.


Products were provided for two additional people that had cancer diagnoses. Each one with different struggles.

New Horizon's Shelter and Outreach Center

Domestic Abuse Dane County

Leiomyosarcoma Bus

Tricia's Troops

Mission Barista

Safe Families for Children

100's of Private Individuals

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