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Marv & Randy

Narragansett Turkeys


Cross Between the eastern wild turkey and domestic turkey

Name Origination:

Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island where this breed was developed.


An historic breed, recognized by the American Poultry Association  in 1874. 


The Narragansett turkeys are strong and hardy birds. They are prized for their excellent temperament and calm disposition.  They run quickly, fly well, prefer to spend their nights roosting in trees, and are excellent foragers.  

Distinct Features

They are colorful birds with black, grey, and tan feathers and sometimes bars of white feathers on their wings due to a genetic mutation not found outside the United States.  Narragansetts have a black beard, a horn-colored beak, and a mostly featherless head and neck which range in color from red to blueish white.  Because of their size, they are not susceptible to common predators and are well-suited for free-ranging.  

On the Watch List: 

This turkey is listed on the watch list by the Livestock Conservancy, meaning it could be near endangerment. 

The Best of Marv & Randy

A Day in the Life of Marv & Randy 

We brought Marv and Randy to the farm as newly hatched poulets (chicks) in June 2023 as an addition to our outdoor animal family.  They have been raised with our assorted people and pets visiting and living here at the Farm.  As the self-appointed sentinels, Marv and Randy keep watch over everything and everyone, making sure nothing is out of place.  Everything is looked at as an intruder, even farm equipment!

They are loving and tolerate being touched, but they take their patrolling job very seriously. When they see us outside, they come running and escort us around the farm. If they had their way, they would be the only two on the daily dog walks, rather than accompanying us and our dogs!  They love our grandchildren and assume their protective duty over them as soon as they step outside.   

There is a pecking order so to speak.  Randy is the more dominant of the two, always trying to boss Marv around.  While they travel together 80% of the time, when Marv has had enough of Randy’s bossiness, he will venture off, exploring on his own. 

Marv has a longer beard, which can be a more dominant feature and more attractive to the feathered lady friends, but Randy makes up for this with his fanning display, although they do both fan frequently.

The boys are gentlemen with good manners.  They love scratch grains such as corn, oats, and black oil sunflower seeds, but they let the chickens eat first and drink first.  Their preferred way to get a drink is via a water trough that’s been converted to a fish pond with a fountain.  It’s like their own personal bubbler.

Naragansett turkeys naturally perch, loving to be elevated.  Marv and Randy can often be found on top of the coop.  This not only gives them a great observation vantage point, but it’s also a place for them to relax after a long hard day on the job. 


They are secured in the coop for the night, herding up the flock of feathered friends and ushering them in.  Most of the time they sleep together, unless Marv is mad at Randy for being too bossy, then he sleeps with the chickens.  By morning, they are back together, ready to report for duty!  


Until the next day and another episode of Marv & Randy on Patrol! 

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