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A Note From Polly

We serve because we believe we are called to serve. The Healing Place Farm has been "missioning" since 2005.


We never ask our patrons for donations. Your support comes through the purchases of our shop products, and we thank you.


In 2023, we served 100s of individuals and organizations. Since opening, we have been able to answer the call for over 3000 missions.  The needs are great and the mission field is wide. Requests are pouring in locally, stateside, nationally, and internationally. We get at least four requests a day, new requests and repeat requests, and we are doing our best to fulfill as many as we can.


We hear the troubles of the world and answer the call with the love and compassion that is the heart of our business. Without you, this would not be possible.



Please allow 2-3 days for packaging of all ship orders.  
We offer $5 flat rate shipping.

Porch pick up hours are:  
Tuesday & Thursday 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday 9-12 pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Porch is closed/no pick up
For safety, please do not arrive before 9 am or after dark for pick ups or drop offs.  
M-F correspondence will be returned during regular business hours, 9 am -5 pm.
Sat-Sun correspondence will be returned Monday during regular business hours. 

Peace, Love, Joy, and Good Will
Wrapped in Hope and Gratitude.
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Lavender grown here on the farm!

We are a quaint little Shop located in the heart of the Midwest, Wisconsin.  We live and work in a farm setting and share our space with horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, and cats. The Shop's foundation started when we created our first bar of creamy soap. One thing led to another and we are now pouring soap every week. It's a passion and a commitment to wellness.

We are rooted in community and provide products across all borders to people in need. Check out our missions page when you have an opportunity. We are grateful to be able to serve. 

We make every bar of soap using the traditional cold process method. We’ve been handcrafting soap for 22 years!

In addition to soap, we make a wide variety of other body loving products. Every ingredient that we purchase must undergo rigorous testing. We look for GC/MS testing with our essential oils, 
sustainably sourced and minimally processed base ingredients.

We take great care to only provide the highest quality products. Every product created here on the farm is made in small batches and hand poured by us. Our goal is to offer simple, plant filled products that nurture you and your body. We are women owned and operated.


The skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects our body from microbes, the effects of the
elements, regulates temperature, allows us the sensation of touch and is key in vitamin production. The skin also is a flexible organ which allows us freedom of movement. Amazing!
Our skin does so much to protect us. How do we protect and care for it? The first defense mechanism is to rid yourself of chemically based products as much as you can. Parabens, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycol, Dioxane, Sulfates, Triclosan, Ureas, and DEA are a few of the harmful soap ingredients found in many soaps. These ingredients have many properties which can lead to long term disease, irritation, and premature aging. Is your skin dry? Are you using more moisturizer? This could be eliminated with the use of a handmade bar of soap.

Contrast the traditional soap bar with our handmade bar. The base ingredients in most of our soaps include Goat Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Lye. You may be thinking that lye is a harmful chemical. That is true WHEN it is used alone. When Lye is combined with oils in the soapmaking process, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs. Saponification is the heart of soapmaking. The word saponification means “turning into soap”. The root word “sapo”, is the Latin name for soap. Handmade soaps are not only detergent. They contain both the glycerin and detergent qualities of an excellent cleansing bar of soap. What this means for you is that your microbiome is maintained which in turn keeps or improves the natural barrier against pathogens. Your skin is not stripped of the protective qualities you are born with.

Eucalyptus transparent background.png
Soap crafted here!
Soap Ends Sample Box



Meet Raven! She provided all the goat's milk for our 2023 soaps!

Lavender transparent background.png

First, we raise our own goats here at The Healing Place Farm. We feed them the very best quality hay, vitamins, minerals, and grain. Our goats have access to 12 different supplements which are filled daily so that every nutritional need they have can be addressed. They are healthy, free of parasites and friendly gals. We milk them and process our own raw goat’s milk to make our soap. 


Goat milk has fewer allergens than synthetic based soap. The kindness that your skin will feel when it has exposure to a natural bar of soap (you KNOW all the ingredients on the label) is immeasurable. We’ve seen a reduction in skin inflammation, a soothing of dry skin, and the benefits of a natural skin
exfoliant (goat milk) because of the alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic acid) found in goat milk. Goat milk is also high in saturated fats which increase the lathering and bubbling of the soap. Unsaturated fats are also significant in goat milk soap. Unsaturated fats provide moisturizing and nourishing benefits.
Our goat milk is free of toxins and high in vitamins and minerals. Supporting the skin by creating a healthy balance has benefits that are far reaching. Goat milk is a nourishing emollient which is readily absorbed by the skin. Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D and E are present in goat milk. The minerals zinc, copper, iron, and selenium are also components in goat milk.


Did you know that goat milk can penetrate the surface of your skin and provide these nutrients directly to the skin? Goat milk is

“The most amazing smelling, feeling, & rainbow visual soap you will ever need: Peace Soap. It’s like applying a majestical unicorn’s hora onto your skin... basking in a sea of good vibes.”

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100% 5 star ratings

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