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There are oodles of products on my Etsy site with lots more to come!  Easy to shop, great to receive!




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Polly's Corner

Day Seven Carrier Oil and Butter Tutorial

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Red Palm Oil skin healing.  It is claimed to be the richest natural source known for skin healing.  It moisturizes well and soothes eczema and psoriasis. 


Shea Butter is a grand moisturizer which I use often in my products.  In the raw state it might have an off color fleck here and there is a very distinct wonderful aroma.  Shea can be used to assis with dryness, psoriasis, eczema.  It's a one stop shop


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Palm Kernal Oil is an excellent carrier for muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.  It works as an anti-inflammatory.  It is loaded with Vitamin E which helps soothe scars and diminish wrinkles.  With zero cholesterol it boasts as a contender for cooking too! 


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Jojoba Oil is probably the number one oil that I use in blends which are used solely on the skin.  The pH of jojoba is highly compatible with the pH of the skin. It works great for hair and nails too.  It moisturizes and tones skin.  It is simple to apply and rarely has problems with rancidity issues. 

A Little Valentine Fun

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A Little Valentine Fun

                                                    February 6, 2016 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.


A little Valentine fun for everyone.  Opening the farm shop with some specially designed items for Valentine's Day and certainly featuring your favorites too.  The preview includes bubble bars, oodles of Lavender soap, locally sourced beeswax candles, diffuser blends, Himalayan salt diffuser lamps, massage oils, delicious body scrubs, foot care, bath jelly and toilet bombs.


This isn't so much about celebrating Valentine's Day but more so about being kind to yourself and to others. It's an opportunity to incorporate essential oils into your life for optimal wellness.  Consider limiting the candy gifts and committing to health with lots of fun too. There will be something on the farm for everyone. Loving gifts, loving people and a loving environment.


Check out the victory bracelets when you come which will be a heart for victory focused.  See you on the farm!


Day Four Carrier Oil and Butter Tutorial

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Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties which help normalize skin.  While it feels a bit oily when applied solely to the face the benefits can be enormous.  Dry, itchy and sensitive skin seem to tolerate Coconut Oil.  Irritated and inflamed skin may actually settle down with Coconut Oil use.  It assists with sunscreen and moisturizing too!  The anti-oxidants promote healing and balance.  I tend to go for the extra virgin Coconut Oil which is unrefined for my facial moisture.