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Hens and Chicks: Tips & Tricks for the Homestead

We live on a working farm, rooted in family and women-owned. We also work in medicine and have had a bustling aromatherapy shop for 17 years. Our products are in several hospital systems throughout the Midwest delivering the finest aromatherapy products to patients. Our foundation and the fabric of our being is wellness and healthy living. Our "new" blog is going to focus on ideas for a fresh way of living, best products, deals, steals and both the instructions and tools to get you from start to finish.

We've been canning, baking, cooking traditionally, preserving and dehydrating forever. When days get long, we've found some great quick recipes that still boast great nutrition. We recognize that some days there isn't time to chop vegetables and braise a hearty beef stew. We have some work arounds for time constraints. Guess what? They still taste fabulous. When you do have time to sneak in a quick recipe for food preservation or a cook ahead meal, we've got you covered there too. Vegetarian lifestyle? Let's get started.

Over these years, things have changed tremendously in every aspect of living. There have been many improvements yet at the same time, many of the "old ways" remain the "best ways". Substrates for planting, seed selection, starting small and a brown thumb turned green are important tenets in our fiber. We'll give you tips and tricks for success with planting and growing both food for your table and plants that will nourish the oxygen within your home.

If you have a farm or are just starting out with a dream, we may have some best practices to share with you. What works? What doesn't? Chickens, turkeys, Guinea fowl, goats, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and mini horses all reside here on our farm. We've revised our farm, feed, footing and fencing many times in the last 20 years. We have something to offer for both the beginning farmer/homesteader and those with years of experience too. There are some terrific cold weather products now and some tried and true favorites to help keep everyone warm during the winter months. Every day, every way can be incorporated into your homestead.

Looking for some natural options for cleaning, wellness and daily living? With 17 years of aromatherapy living, we have a kit~n~kaboodle of ideas to add to your think tank for incorporating simple healthy products to your routine. Balanced life and living are priorities for us and we'd like to share them with you.

Hobbies, habits and hopes are subjects we love to talk and write about. Look for inspirational thoughts and suggestions, insight into hobbies near and far and a strong glance at hopes for the future. Together we learn from one another and grow into the humans we are meant to be. Gleaning information and honing that knowledge is a vast cavern of possibilities.

Work, life, balance, parenting, grandparenting, schooling, pets, clubs, church, sports and other commitments all are a piece of this gigantic puzzle called life. We're hoping to bring you content that is relevant, thought provoking and interesting to read. The goal, to make your life easier and open up a new horizon which has been under~explored.

Today marks a new beginning as we look at the tradition of what has been, is presently and what is to come in the future. We've got topics galore coming your way. Hang on for a beautiful insightful ride.

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