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A New Year Dedication

A new year dedication.  We dedicate our year to peace, love, joy, and good will wrapped in hope and gratitude. 

Life can be messy and there will be storms, but amongst the trials and tribulations, there are always silver lining moments.  Moments where a kindness has been extended, a beauty has been revealed, or a bond has been restored.

Here at the Farm we hope to bring you an overflow of silver lining moments, where you can sense how important you are to us.  We think about what products you would like, what aromas will delight your senses, and what events will bring you happiness.  In everything we do, we are thinking of you and in return, our success represents your support and care for us.  We know it, we feel it, and we don’t take it for granted.  We promise to continue to bring you our best. 

Will you join us in extending our loving Healing Place Farm community beyond ourselves and to consciously sprinkle the beauty of peace, love, joy, and good will upon others, lifting them up in hope and gratitude?        

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1 Comment

What a beautiful sentiment ❤️

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