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Former first lady, Michelle Obama, once said, “We learned about gratitude and humility - that so many people had a hand in our success.” Since opening the shop, we have first-hand witnessed the kindness and generosity of our patrons. Not only do they support our business and missions, but they rally together to support one another in times of need. We wanted to briefly share our gratitude, as our hearts are bursting with thankfulness due to the generosity of our wonderful, selfless, and giving patrons.

A multitude of economic and political issues have resulted in extreme product shortages, supplies shortages, inflation of prices, increased shipping costs, and sometimes the inability to get the items we need to create our goods. Most recently, we have struggled to be able to purchase shipping boxes in bulk. We ship Live Sale boxes, missions, and orders from our website to all 50 US states via USPS. We have struggled to keep shipping costs affordable and the inability to get boxes to ship the multitude of items that go out weekly, pushed us into panic mode. Would we be able to keep shipping at an affordable rate? Would we be able to even get orders out if we didn’t have boxes available to ship them in? Desperate, we decided to reach out to our patrons for help. We asked anyone and everyone to drop off any old cardboard boxes that they didn’t need anymore. With the rise of online shopping, we were hoping some of our patrons had a few spare boxes they wouldn’t mind parting with.

We expected to get a few extra boxes, but we were awestruck when the friends of the farm jumped to action and began dropping off boxes immediately. Truly HUNDREDS of boxes have been donated, and we are so humbled and thankful. This generosity is appreciated more than anyone will ever know. Not only has it helped us continue to ship our goods and mission products, but it also has helped us keep shipping affordable for both the shop

and our patrons. The shop is truly a success because of the wonderful people, like you, who so graciously extend help to us and one another. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Our hearts overflow with gratitude.

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