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Dry Brushing and Aroma Friction

Dry brushing the skin began thousands of years ago with the Ancient Egyptians. Although they were the frontrunners of skin brushing to cleanse and beautify the skin there were many other cultures that utilized dry brushing including Native Americans, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, Scandinavians, and Russians. Ayurvedic Dry Brushing (garshana) was further developed in India. Ayurvedic practices boast powerhouse skincare routines. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have adopted this wonderful and exhilarating technique.

It’s called “dry” brushing because you aren’t cleansing while you bathe or shower; instead, a firm, bristled brush is swept across the skin, from toe to head using a light pressure as desired. Use circular strokes on the joints and long upward sweeping strokes on the arms and legs toward the heart. Both the skin and brush are completely dry except for your essential oil spritz (see below).

  • The whole process should take you no more than five minutes.

  • Start disrobed in the shower without running water.

  • Avoid personal areas.

  • When dry brushing the body, work upward or toward the heart.

  • Don’t pass over the same area with your brush more than twice. Doing so can cause irritation.

  • There’s no recommended frequency for dry brushing. Do what works for you, whether that’s daily (if your skin can tolerate it), twice weekly, or just whenever you feel like it.

Dry brushing can be a relaxing yet stimulating treat that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. If you have any persisting skin issues, be sure to see a dermatologist.

Contraindications to Dry Brushing

Very sensitive skin

Psoriasis or eczema

Open wound (skip this area)

Irritated skin including sunburn

Acute illness

We’ve been selling “dry” body brushes for about four months now. We LOVE them. Using essential oil blends with these brushes helps to energize and tone the skin stimulating circulation.

Aroma Friction

Combine 3 ounces of water in a spray bottle with:

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil

3 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

5 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

To use: Shake well. Spray onto a body brush and follow directions as above. Enjoy!

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