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We all have favorite aromas. Conversely, we all have aromas that we pass by at every opportunity. When choosing your daily aroma "fix" before work, after work, for a date, to relax, sleep, energize, reduce pain, help with concentration or aroma-tize your laundry (my aromas change depending on what I'm washing) consider the desired therapeutic effect you are searching for. All essential oils do not have the same properties or results.

For example, if I want to settle down for the evening, I wouldn't choose peppermint essential oil. Peppermint can be a stimulating oil. Peppermint could be great for some "get up and go" or relief for aching muscles. To kick back and relax, lavender would be lovely. Not a fan of lavender, consider sweet orange or cedarwood.

This is where the "therapy" piece might apply. If you LOVE peppermint but aren't a fan of lavender, cedarwood or orange but you need to rest and only want to use your favorite peppermint, apply this analogy. Presented with ice cream and green beans as two options for healthy eating, most folks would reach for the sweet treat. Now, which does your body need? Nutritionally, one would say that the green beans offer a higher food value than the ice cream. Yes, ice cream can be a comfort food but for the sake of this piece, let's contemplate what your goals are. If the goal is nutrition, it's green beans. If the goal is comfort, then grab a spoon and a dish.

We don't always love what is healthiest for us. We can "love" our routines enough to stick with them even if they aren't best for our overall wellbeing. Sometimes, an aroma may cause you to turn up your nose, literally. However, next time you are seeking a desired therapeutic effect, don't necessarily choose your one and only favorite. That aroma may not help you at all. Explore the natural beneficial effects plants have to offer for optimal wellness. There are multiple essential oils that address whatever is on your mind, bothering you physically or simply a way to create a great smelling space.

Be good to yourself. Utilize aromas available to you. Pay attention to quality. A new favorite aroma may be as close as your cabinet. Remember, a small change in your routine can have a ripple effect which in turn may adjust your entire perspective or atmosphere. #thehealingplacefarm #aromatherapy #essentialoils

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