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Are chapped lips getting the best of you this summer?

I don't know about you but my lips are more chapped now than I have ever seen them. Seriously. I don't think I've spent excessive time in the sun or have I been neglecting them but apparently I have. The Shop makes a lipbalm called Super Chappy. It's been a favorite here on the farm for more than 10 years. I'm currently slathering it on regularly since my dried up lips started complaining.

What makes Super Chappy so great? The lanolin in the balm is a natural skin protectant. It helps lock in moisture in and soothe dry skin. Lanolin is a waxy substance that comes from a sheep's sebaceous glands. The purpose for the sheep is to keep the sheep dry. Lanolin is extracted from the wool during processing. The chemicals and debris are separated out. What does "processing" mean? When a sheep is shorn, the wool and lanolin are separated.

The big business of lanolin purchase and production is not something we are comfortable with or engage in. There is a cruelty free option which is our only choice. We look for sources that are either local or known to us and more importantly, they are kind to their animals. There are many articles that discuss the pros and cons of lanolin "production". We feel fortunate to have a healthy environmentally conscious source for our lanolin.

Pay attention to your skin care products especially as we are half way through the year and our cooler temperatures are just on the horizon (sorry). We will all look for ways now to add moisture to our skin during/after this hot dry summer. Be good to yourselves and take care of your skin.


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