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5 Months Away

It seems impossible that I have been away from the Blog Page for 5 months. Time. A precious comodity that we often take for granted as we let it slip away. If you are like me, you don't even think about it other than the fact that it flies by and where did it go or where am I going to put something into the day? As the year comes to a rapid close and we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I am going to make a commitment to slow down and re-prioritize what my goals are for the upcoming year. Perhaps it is "time" for you to consider the same.

How might this fit into a world of aromatherapy? Self care is important. It is a well known fact that we neglect not only our physical health but also our emotional and mental health. I have a few tips that not only will nourish your body but also your brain. Can you afford 5 minutes in your day to make a change that may impact how you see the next hour, the next day or even some well established habits? For me, I'm calling this my "5 minute commit". The verbiage is simple and memorable. Aromatherapy is a pillar or cornerstone in self care.

For me to accomplish this goal, I'm going to get up 5 minutes earlier. In my routine, this is the only way I will be able to "add in" something that I didn't plan for. It sounds crazy but I don't think I'm alone. I can manage 5 minutes. Can you?

My plan is to apply one aromatherapy product to my skin consistently every day. Certainly I always tuck away and sniff my aromasticks, apply a roller as a perfume or as a therapeutic but actually sitting down and purposefully nurturing my skin, is another story. Rememeber that the skin is our largest organ.

Some ideas for myself include:

  1. Incorporate Goat's Milk Lotion into my day. Choose an aroma that resonates either with my mood, my plans for the day or physical needs. For example, if I have some known stress coming, I might apply a lavender aroma. If I'm sore from shoveling, muscle relief might be a better choice.

  2. If my skin is really dry, I'm going to grab my Shea Butter Cream. Again, I'm going to look for an aroma that meets my current state of overall health.

  3. If I notice congestion or body aches, Warming Oil would be my first go to and it moisturizes the skin. The blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and orange are uplifting and revitalizing.

  4. Needing a bit of light massage or medium moisture, Coconut Mango Body Butter is super soothing and there are a wide variety of aromas to meet you where you are at.

  5. Tough day? Vanilla Orange Almond Oil is comforting and kind to the skin post shower or bath.

  6. Dry Oils are great for a quicker application. They apply like an oil and soak into the skin within a minute. I will choose this when I am a bit on the run and need to squeek my commitment in but I'm going to be selective on aroma.

  7. Moisture enhancing socks or gloves are a night-time treatment that gifts me with an extended kindness for hands and feet. I may reserve this for cooler nights or tougher days.

The goal is to reinstate a self care routine that was started and stopped eons ago. The one that is right at my fingertips but so often lost in the shuffle of the day. Can you commit? Will you join me knowing that creating your own reality starts with a "5 minute commit"?

Be your best self and MAKE today great. Can you commit to you?


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