Our very close and trusted friend has a business that offers a variety of natural amazing supplements!

We are passionate about every way that  you can feel your absolute best.

We felt that it was a natural addition to the farm to offer you these beneficial nutrients.

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Please reach out to her directly with any questions about these products.


Provided by a third party.  Not shipped or created by The Healing Place Farm.

Here are a few favorites below!

Body System

Q CORE offers complete system protection, efficient absorption, and precise nutrient delivery from head to toe. This 3-product suite allows you to take control of your future with the all-in-one health insurance of Q CORE.*

In easy to grab n' go packs!


Hormone Balance

Q VITALIZE Women rejuvenates your body's internal sensors so all systems work together in harmony. When your body is well-tuned and hormones are balanced, all your body and brain functions can work to sharpen thinking, increase physical performance, & balance emotions.*

  • Increase energy and muscle tone*

  • Support hormone balance and mood*

  • Fuel stamina and longevity*

  • Eight adaptogenic herbs to help support healthy estrogen levels*

  • Amino acids for healthy stress response*

Q VITALIZE Men is a customized formulation of seven adaptogenic herbs, plus two bonus ingredients that specifically target the nutritional needs for the male body and mind.*

  • Energy and physical performance*

  • Mood and mental performance*

  • Testosterone and prostate health*


Q Align is designed as a natural alternative for anyone that experiences diminished mobility, stiffness and discomfort. Q ALIGN supports a healthy body response to chronic inflammation and associated aches and pains.*

  • Potent inflammation reducer and powerful antioxidant*

  • Decrease soreness*

  • Defend against free radicals and enhance cell recovery*

  • Provide a healthy inflammation response and comfort*

  • Protect against excess inflammation and neutralize oxidative stress*

  • Maximize nutrient absorption and boost overall health*


Gut Health

Q BIOTICS TOTAL contains an incredibly sturdy combination of healthy bacteria that survives extreme heat, cold and acidity – naturally. This soil-sourced spore probiotic is enhanced with an exclusive prebiotic herbal blend and soluble fiber to provide a gentle detox and help normalize digestive issues.*

  • Normalizes intestinal flora*

  • May enhance immune functions*

  • Helps improve mineral absorption*

  • Shown to provide competitive inhibition of bad bacteria*

  • May provide relief of lactose intolerance symptoms*

  • Helps to relieve digestive discomfort such as gas and bloating*

  • Assists in breaking down food*

cognitive function


A daily micronutrient complex including fully methylated B vitamins, chelated minerals, and amino acids. Essential nutritional support at the cellular level.*


  • Supports whole-body health at a cellular level*

  • Supports cognitive function and brain health*

  • Increases energy productions*

  • Optimized absorption for best results.*


Clean Green
superfood machine

Q ULTRA GREENS is a superfood powerhouse featuring the GREENS you know and love crammed into a delicious and nutritious blend. Formulated to support energy levels, digestion, detox, and much more! Stay mean and green anywhere, anytime with individual serving pouches.*


  • • Detoxifying enzymes*
    • Assists in healthy muscle growth*
    • Promotes cellular energy*
    • Improves digestion*
    • High in micronutrients*
    • Alkalizes the body*
    • Supports Skin Health*

These are only a few of the wonderful options available to you.  See her site for more!