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Our Top 3 Tips for Holiday Stress Relief

During a season meant to uplift and inspire, we find ourselves wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that has become this Holiday. Making a conscious effort to calm the mind, body and soul will not only help lower those stress levels, but also help you to take in the true feeling behind it all.

Manage your expectations:

Nothing is perfect, and that is OK. No matter if you are trying to set the most intimate beautiful dinner, or planning a large scale party with all of the things, there will be something that doesn’t go as planned. The best thing you can do for yourself is keep your expectations realistic, and not add additional pressure on yourself and your family during the holidays. It is ok if dinner doesn’t cook perfectly, or the cake doesn’t rise like it should have. If somebody disappoints you for whatever reason, choose to let go. You can’t change what other people do, but you can control how you allow it to effect you. If we learn to laugh through these situations, it will get easier every time something doesn’t go the way you planned. Because it will happen. That is life, and it is a beautiful learning experience.

Just Breathe:

We have covered breath work before. It can be so incredibly beneficial when dealing with stress and anxiety. It helps you to become conscious of muscles that you may be tensing up, and tune into releasing them. It increases oxygen flow, which can in turn increase energy levels and brain function.

Exercise is another way of doing this. Breaking a sweat first thing in the morning will release BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which promotes the generation of new brain cells and helps to repair brain cells that have been damaged by stress. Exercise helps to clear toxins, and strengthen the vital organs.

When our body is functioning well, we feel good!

Words Matter:

Lastly, be aware of the power your words hold. What we say in our minds, and especially out-loud will reinforce anything that you talk about. If we focus on what we don’t want, like, or have, you will get more of it. The same goes if we focus on the good. See yourself for the true miracle you are! You have triumphed the odds of existence, and scaled the mountains of trials that have come your way. You are a light in the world, with great works to leave in your wake. Know it in your heart. You matter, and you are loved.

In our mission to help those around us live well, we have created many products that assist you in being human every day. Here are a few that we would like to highlight in helping you with Holiday Stress Relief.

Our sincere Love and Best Wishes to you and yours during this beautiful season.

Merry Christmas!

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